Explanatory Paragraph Template

Most people don’t like to buy impulsively. They have a healthy regulator in their brain that wants to check off a few boxes that make them feel as though they’ve done a little research. For most potential customers, an explanatory paragraph will scratch that itch. However, if you ramble on and on about the history of your company and how proud you are of your accomplishments, you’ll waste your customers time. What your customer really wants to to be invited into a story. Your explanatory paragraph is going to the the following: Identify who your customer wants to become Identify what they want Define the problem setting them back Position you as the guide Share a plan they can use to solve their problem (which includes your product) Call them to action Cast a vision for their lives This magical paragraph is essentially a story your potential customers can lean into. At [your company name ] we know you are the kind of people who want to be [ aspirational identity, what kind of person do they want to become? ]. In order to be that way, you need [ as it relates to your product, what does your customer want ]. The problem is [ how is that problem making them feel? ]. We believe [ why is it just plain wrong that anybody should have to deal with that problem ]. We understand [ include an empathetic statement ]. That’s why we [ demonstrate your competency to solve their problem ]. Here’s how it works [ what’s your 3 step plan, step 1, step 2, step 3 ]. So [ call them to action ], so you can stop [ what negative thing will happen or continue to happen if they don’t order ]. and start [ what will their life look like if they do place an order ].

Grunt Test

Customers should be able to answer these questions within the first five seconds of seeing your website: What do you offer? How will it make my life better? What do I need to do to buy it?